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Sit in a quiet location where there are no distractions and receive your TOTAL deliverance in Christ Jesus' mighty name as you listen to Deliverance Prayers Radio! Shalom †

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1. FIRE Prayer against Spirit Strongman
2. FIRE Prayers against Spirit Spouses (and friends)
3. Deliverance Prayer

Total Running Time: 01:21:50 [until loop]

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I have been troubled by the spirit husband for many years. I am a born again believer. I have prayed, fasted and even attended deliverance prayer houses but nothing happen. By the grace of God, I married my husband end of December last year at a very mature age even never thought I would get married. This spirit started to harrass me more as soon as I got married. I have continued to pray; but in dreams, I am shown some unknown men continue to claim me as their wife. This morning, I had a dream where my husband was holding another woman's hand sitting down and the woman was between me and my husband. In the dream, I even told my husband that if he goes with that woman I will divorce him. I woke up and rebuked that dream and told my husband about it. He rebuked it, too. After he left for work, I started searching for prayers to drive this spirit spouse out for good and that is when I came across your prayers (Holy spirit directed me). As you were praying for the viewers, I started passing a lot of gas from my mouth. It was like a balloon being deflated. At one point I thought I was going to pass out with pain and the twisting of my abdominal organs. Then, a lot of gas came out of my mouth for a whole minute nonstop. This happened three times before those demons left. I vomited for another five minutes until I got relief. I really want to thank you very much because I am completely delivered and I know the best is yet to come. May the Lord continue bless and to use your ministry to continue giving freedom to the children of God. Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ now and forever more!!!. Thank you very much!—Jean [USA]

There's too much deliverance working power of the holy spirit on this video, i listened to it yesterday and got delivered today morning through y dreams on the first dream: the spirit spouse manifested as a prostitude, i tried to tried to give this lady R50 in echange to sleep with her then they said their prices were R100 unless i wait for her, then i refused to wait * Their mission failed* on the second dream It was like i was going home with this well built woman i took from Club/pub/tarven but thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit i woke up before arriving home and sleeping with her, then i woke feeling refreshed and full of life and flexable, usaually when they strike and succeed i would wake up pressed, having this heavy weight on my shoulders, being lustful tired and getting tormented by weird thoughts, but Thanks to GOD the creator of Heaven and earth through the power of the holy spirit in the name of Jesus Christ for using this video and Evangelist King to deliver me AMEN.—Kenneth [Nigeria]